Status of the Project on March, 2013

During January - March, 2013 project team has continued evaluation of prototype zenith camera properties, development of control and data processing software, looking for  construction improvement possibilities.  A number of observation sessions has been performed, including a set of sessions outside Riga. Much lower level of background vibrations was found in field conditions, offering optimistic perspectives to accuracy improvement.

Support for SBIG STF-8300 CCD matrix has been integrated into control software.  Properties of this matrix, fitted to Meade LX200 telescope, were tested in several observation sessions. So far, this set meets expectations -  stars up to 13th magnitude were fixed even in unfavorable sky background and vibration conditions.

Design of improved zenith camera construction, based on acquired experience, has started.

A rewieved paper has been submitted and is published in "Geodesy and Cartography". Team has delivered 3 reports to 71st scientific conference of the University of Latvia. A latvian patent application has been formulated and prepared for submission.

Processing of GNSS data from LATPOS and EUPOS-Riga networks using Bernese software has been continued.