The Status of the Project on June, 2013


In April - June 2013 project team has continued evaluation of prototype zenith camera properties, development of control and data processing software, looking for construction improvement possibilities. A number of observation sessions were performed outside Riga, a huge amount of observation data have been processed. Properties of prototype device are now much better understood.  Some technical problems were revealed in behaviour of tiltmeter and optical system, refurbishment and readlignment of device was deemed necessary. Fitting of tiltmeter is being modified to allow easier adjustment; Optical system will be realigned. Support bearing surface was flattened to minimize movements in direction of rotation axis.

Design of improved zenith camera construction is now reached final stage - components are being purchased, custom mechanical components will be manufactured under contract with the institute of Physics.

A Latvian patent application regarding layout of the main optical system has been accepted.

Processing of GNSS data from LATPOS and EUPOS-Riga networks using Bernese software has been continued.