The Status of the project on August, 2012

During summer of 2012 enhancement of zenith camera construction and control software continued.

Stepper motor driven positioning mechanism was added to camera construction, appropriate additions to control software were made. It should improve stability of instrument position and make possible automation of observation process. Test observation sessions show that positioning is functioning according to expectations.

In order to ensure cable-free operation, a wireless communication device was installed on instrument compartment. It will transmit tiltmeter and imaging device commands and data to control computer.

The methodology of refering the CCD exposure signal to GPS time frame has been defined, now appropriate electronics module must be designed.

Automation of observation process and data processing has been implemented in control software. Now we are close to possibilty of unmanned or remotely controlled observations.

A series of observation sessions, using tiltmeter in a statical position have been carried out. The results show that University building is subject to quite considerable deformations, probably of thermal origin. They might affect results of observations not only for zenith camera, but also other kinds of precision instruments, like GNSS or SLR. Similar measurements should be continued to ensure better understanding of observation site properties and interpretation of data.