Summarized activities of the project

An outsourcing order was carried out by Institute of Physics - mechanical workshops team prepared work drawings of optimized camera assembly according to our sketches an manufactured a set of mechanical components for it. This set will now be used to assemble the new camera. Project documentation for it now is complete, almost all necessary mechanical and electronic components available.

Camera control and data processing software package is finished. Technical description and usage methodology is prepared.

Fitting of tiltmeter on the prototype camera has been modified and adjusted, it now allows for much easier and more accurate tiltmeter orientation adjustment. Optical system was realigned, discovering in the process a fault in thermocompensation mechanism. It probably was acquired during winter observations in cold weather, and subsequently caused a lot of focusing problems, degrading image quality.

So, now the project is over. The prototype camera has been constructed and tested. We believe, that it's concept has been proved right and accuracy of vertical deflection measurement close to expected - about 0.2". Taking into account abovementioned focusing problems, we consider this a good result and believe that measurements with improved and realigned prototype camera will be even better. shortly we hope to finish assambling of the optimized camera, hopefully it's accuracy and ease of use will be even better.

The task now is to acquire a representative set of real observations as a proof of our camera's qualities and capacity and be able to promote it's commercial use. And the main challenge of it - to get funding...