First Project Activities

The Seminar of the project team at the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation has been held on 29.04.2011. The issues of development success of digital zenith telescope for the studies of vertical deflection were discussed. The research personnel reported on the achieved results up to the end of April 2011.

The main activities and problems of the current development stage are following:

  • The software development and experimentation on the capture of digital image is in process.
  • The tests of the star image centre determination algorithm has been carried out successfully. The real star imagery data are needed for the optimization of star image centre determination parameters.
  • The data for the search of eventual gravity field anomalies as well related foreseeing circumstancias have been continued to collect.
  • The mechanical construction has been completed of the test mockup of zenith telescope tube and of the mountings of test optics. The drawings has to be completed and improved now. The mechanical constructions are ready to proceed for the coating now.
  • The purchase procedure is very slow and complicated. Important high-tech components are not obtained yet.