Digital zenith-telescope for gravity field structure data acquisition

ERAF activity „Support science and research”

Overall objective of the project – multiple improvement of data acquisition for accurate geoid model, widely used in ingeneering application

Specific objective of the project- development and testing of a new digital zenith telescope model and it’s control software, intended for acquisition of data on Earth gravitation field structure and anomalies

Project conforms to the branches "Innovative Materials and Technologies" and "Sustainable use of local resources,"

Actions within the project are not of economic nature, in accordance with Cabinet Regulation Nr.752 section 3.1. the project meets the following criteria:

· performs core business - the scientific activities and the dissemination of scientific knowledge and technology transfer

· the charges, which result from the implementation of this core, is being re-invested in core activities.

The following activities are planned:

1. Research (experimental design):

1.1. Design and construction of the digital zenith telescope

1.2. Control software development;

1.3. Adjustment and testing of the digital zenith telescope

2. Publication of research results

3. Establishment of industrial property rights

Project will lead to a new product - Digital zenitt telescope for gravitational field structure data acquisition

The project site will be Raina Boulevard 19, Riga, Latvia, LV-1586

Estimated total project duration: 36 months