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  • Canada: Strategic Knowledge Cluster - Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogue. funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Coordinator-  Carleton University, Ottawa.

  • Centralbaltic Job Ferry. Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007- 2013, leader - University of Latvia, Latvia.

  • Interregional SME Supply Chain Clusters along the Northeast Corridor. EU Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013, Interreg, leader – Senator for Economic Affairs and Ports, Bremen, Germany.

  • Series of Roundtables “The Eastern Partnership vis-à-vis Latvia`s Policy Towards the EU`s Eastern Neighbourhood”. Series of Roundtable debates with academic and social partners from EaP countries are planned to be organised in Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan and in Latvia including representatives from Russia, Georgia, and Belarus coinciding with official visits of high level state officials (President, Prime Minister, and Minister of Foreign Affairs). Events abroad will be arranged with the assistance of Latvian embassies and diplomatic representatives placed in these countries, as well as academia representatives.


  • Series of Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquia. The Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium (DC) will be a research structure within the Doctoral School on European Integration and Baltic Sea Region Studies set up to support young researchers during their research training. Special attention will be given to the research of young scholars and doctoral students.


  • Workshop “EU Financial Assistance: Focus on Cohesion Policy and Development Cooperation". Attention will be given to the implementation of EU funded programmes and projects to Eastern partners. Workshop will promote the academic research on evaluation of EU Cohesion policy effectiveness as well as research on economic aspects of cooperation within Eastern partnership carried by Centre’s Thematic Research Teams. It will also have a practical component that will aim at exploring the business opportunities, in particular SME and initiating business cooperation in the framework of EU external co-operation. Consultation with stakeholders will play an incremental role.