Series of Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquia


Regularly 4 times a year

The Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium (DC) will be a research structure within the Doctoral School on European Integration and Baltic Sea Region Studies set up to support young researchers during their research training. Special attention will be given to the research of young scholars and doctoral students in the Thematic Research Teams on the following topics:

  • Latvia’s socio-economic relations with EaP countries in the framework of EU external cooperation;Common contemporary security issues in BSR and EaP countries;
  • Human dimension and civil society: common interest and shared value;
  • Common contemporary security issues in BSR and EaP countries;
  • Govenrnance reforms and public management.

The outcomes of the research groups will be published as working papers on-line and presented at the conferences, colloquia and workshops. Responsibility for carrying out this activity will be shared between the Doctoral School and the Centre.