Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Experts

Implementing Centre activities and comprising Jean Monnet Regional Forum consists of  12 key staff members: 8 core members and 4 associate members with expertise  in European integration studies and Jean Monnet projects.

Core experts of the Centre have academic background and practical experience in Latvian accession to the EU. Project leader is Prof. TatjanaMuravska, the Jean Monnet Chair of CETS, expert in regional and European integration, transition studies, as well as socio-economic issues of the new Member States.

Core Member

  • ProfJuris Krumins (UL) with extensive experience in implementing new teaching programmes and requirements of the Bologna process and quality assurance practices. His research is in education and demography. 
  • Prof. Zaneta Ozolina  (UL) has expertise in International Relations, European foreign and security policy, regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea region; 2004 - 2008 – Chairwoman of Strategic Analysis Commission under the Auspices of the President of Latvia. Since 2008 – Member of the European Research Area Board.
  • Assoc. Prof. Liesma Ose (UL) is a part time lecturer and an Advisor to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Latvia. Research and teaching on social, education policies, human trafficking.
  • Dr. Nils Muiznieks (UL) Director, the Advanced Social and Political Research Institute,  teaching Latvian foreign policy, Russian relations with its neighbours, Georgian security, anti-discrimination, racism and intolerance in contemporary Europe.
  • Dr. Kristīne Dupate (UL) is Assist. Prof. researching EU Law, labour law and free movement of workers, human rights and gender equality, national expert in networks of legal experts.
  • Dr. Toms Rostoks (UL) is Assist. Prof. in International Relations, expert in regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea region, Kaliningrad exclave, Latvian-Russian relations.
  • Dr. Juris Gromovs (UL) a part time lecturer in EU law, researching regulation of EU freedom, security and justice, evaluated EU law implementation in Member States, experience in EU  law in  civil service, a former member of the  inter-ministerial legal WG on the Draft Treaty of Latvia’s accession to the EU.
  • Prof. Elena Dubra (UL) is an expert in social and regional economics. Is an Editor-in-Chief for Economics section in The Journal of Economics and Management Researcha of the University of Latvia.