Application Requirements

Must include:

  • Academic Experience;

  • Relevant Ongoing/Completed courses;

  • Relevant Work Experience pertaining to the internship.


Prospective applicants are to submit a statement that does not exceed 750 words describing:

  • Research and academic interests, background, and skills pertaining to specific research areas (ie. economics, political science, law, public administration and/or  regional policy issues);
  • Contribution to the current research at CETS;
  • Duration of desired internship.  


One (1) letter of recommendation from the academic supervisor the applicant has worked with.

Letters should include:

  • Academic achievement, research potential, originality, judgement, motivation, ability to work independently, oral and written expression;

  • Referees should justify their assessment by describing any special aptitudes, strengths, and weaknesses the applicant may have.