Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Latvia


Holder of the Chair: Prof. Dr. Tatjana Muravska, Jean Monnet Professor, University of Latvia

Discipline: European Economic Integration

The Jean Monnet Chair was first launched in Latvia in the academic year 2003/2004 at the University of Latvia. It has operated successfully since then.

The overall goal of the Chair is to respond to the challenges and effects of European economic integration. It also provides a research forum for exchange of ideas and knowledge related to the courses taught and the selected topics of major development trends in the field of international and European economic affairs. The Chair provides a platform for interdisciplinary approach in teaching of European integration and provides knowledge for related issues within economics, political science, law, public administration and regional dimensions.

Aims of the Chair

  • To promote and support teaching and research activities in areas relevant to Europe and to Latvia’s place in the future Europe;
  • to encourage the adoption of new interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge and up-to-date skills;
  • to promote the use of new teaching methods and on-line courses in order to develop students’ abilities to gain, evaluate critically as well as use the newly acquired knowledge;
  • to secure a high quality study process by inviting guest lecturers from foreign high education establishments for round-table discussions, seminars and conferences. 
  • To establish necessary academic material base for conducting courses;
  • to develop practical knowledge by hosting specialists and experts from Latvian and EU institutions for discussion at public events;
  • to secure the development of analytical skills and specialist knowledge to graduate students, especially in the areas where profound knowledge of contemporary European Union matters and possible solution are an indispensable pre-requisite.


Through the teachings offered by CETS, the Chair aims to develop profound knowledge of the dynamics and functions of the European Union, by providing students with up-to-date information about all aspects of the EU. Teaching activities in European Economic Integration at the University are supervised by the Chair holder - Jean Monnet Professor, and Professor of the University of Latvia, Dr. Tatjana Muravska.


The Chair offers the opportunity to undergraduate and postgraduate students to learn about the latest evolutions of the European economic integration development. It also serves as a place for the introduction and adoption of a multidisciplinary approach for teaching activities aimed to provide knowledge in constituent disciplines within the fields of political sciences and law

The Chair provides high-quality education to Jean Monnet doctoral students and organizes a series of monthly seminars at the University of Latvia. The Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Latvia closely cooperates with Jean Monnet Chairs and Centres of Excellence at the international level.

Jean Monnet Doctoral Colloquium

The purpose of the Doctoral Colloquium is to provide doctoral students in Economics and Management with the opportunity to present their current work and discuss their research among themselves and with a panel of distinguished scholars in the field. Participants can expect to receive helpful feedback on subject, methodology and approach, including advice on issues such as how to identify and refine research and how to successfully conduct research in an interdisciplinary field. The Colloquium also provides doctoral students with an opportunity to interact with colleagues from other institutions working on Economics and Management topics.       

Doctoral students in different stages of their dissertation process can participate in the Doctoral Colloquium. The Doctoral Colloquium meets during the Winter and Spring term on a regular basis.