On 5 June, 2018, CRE:HUB team in Latvia presented the activities and outcomes of the project during the 6th study visit of the Interreg Europe project Regional Creative Industries Alliance (RCIA).

The RCIA 6th meeting and study visit in Riga were organised on 5-6 June by state financed institution Altum. 

RCIA aims to improve the Structural Funds policy instruments related to the SME competitiveness through interregional policy learning.  RCIA intends to strengthen the creative SMEs competitiveness by improving their skills (development/execution of business plans, interaction with investors, mentoring programmes) and to support their growth on global markets; adapt various funding mechanisms to the particularities of CCI (including the possibility of capacity building measures for banks); increase the awareness of the companies from the wider economy on the transformative power (added-value) of creative SMEs for their own competitiveness; develop the eco-system from classic spatial cross-collaboration into a holistic approach.

Regional Creative Industries Alliance – From European recommendations to better regional Cultural and Creative Industries policies for a more competitive economy. 

More about the RCIA: https://www.interregeurope.eu/rcia/