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All the relevant locations can be found in THIS MAP, simply save it in your google maps.

How to get to Riga?

There is only one international airport in Riga and it is called “Riga airport’’ (a very creative name). It is located about 12 km from Riga center. There is a bus Nr. 22 (stop is about 200 meters from Airport building) going to the city (journey at least 30 min). One journey costs about 2 EUR. Another option is a taxi (journey costs about 10-15 EUR and takes about 15-20 min when empty streets).

How to get around Riga?

The best way to travel in Riga is to take a taxi. Travelling by public transport will probably cost you more than travelling by a cab even with 2 people. All of the locations relevant for the event can be reached by a 3-5 minute taxi ride, which will cost you EUR 2,50.

The best taxi company is Taxify, which works exactly like Uber. If you use the link below and use the promo code , you can get your first Taxify ride for free!

If you don’t have access to the Internet, we suggest using Panda taxi. This costs EUR 0,36/km and EUR 0,71 per ride, which again means that everything is EUR 2 away. You can get Panda taxi by calling this number: +371 8700.

The center can also be reached by the bus Nr.23, stop “LU Akadēmiskais centrs” right in front of the venue.

There are many options to get to the Latvian National Library (stop “Nacionālā bibliotēka”) and walk to the venue from there (about 700 meters). Bus Nr. 22 connects Latvian National Library with the Riga airport.

Where to sleep in Riga?

The river Daugava splits Riga in two parts. The Venue (Academic Center of Natural Sciences) is on the left side of Daugava river. The majority of hotels are in the center of the city on the right side Daugava it’s a 20 min walking distance or one bus stop away – just over the Akmens bridge. The best is to compare and book hotels over or similar sites.