Mathematical modeling can tell us what is possible and what impossible and the reasons why. It is extremely useful to avoid unnecessary experiments from the long list of opportunities.

Modeling sheds the light on something that is not obvious, thus allowing to conduct LESS USELESS experiments.


COMPUTATIONAL SYSTEMS BIOLOGY GROUP uses mathematical modeling to find the way how interactions of components form a biological system. The SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS OF THE GROUP include:

  • stoichiometric and kinetic modeling and optimization of metabolism,
  • metabolic reconstructions,
  • modeling of signaling networks,
  • modeling of microbial communities, and
  • software development

in the areas of:

  • microbial biotechnology,
  • medicine, and
  • environment.


Team Egils Stalidzāns Agris Pentjušs Atis Elsts Elīna Dāce Ivars Mozga Vitālijs Komašilovs

PhD student Jānis Kurlovičs Dārta Maija Zaķe student Kristaps Bērziņš Santa Prikule




2020 - 2023, Waste2Surf: Sustainable Microbial Valorisation of Waste Lipids into Biosurfactants, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (project No. LV EN

2020 - 2023, DeSTInation: Decision Support Tool for an Integrated Food Waste Valorisation System, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (project No.
 An assessment of waste amount and management in Latvia till 2035

2020 - 2023, UpWaste: Sustainable up-cycling of agricultural residues: modular cascading waste conversion system, funded by the European Commission Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture for Food and Non-food Systems (FACCE SURPLUS) call.

2019 - 2022, Crypthecodinium cohnii and Zymomonas mobilis syntrophy for production of omega 3 fatty acid from byproducts of biofuel and sugar industry, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (project No. LV EN

2019 - 2021, ZYMMODEL: Production potential of top building block chemicals by Zymomonas mobilis: stoichiometric analysis, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (project No.

2018 - 2020, Mathematical model of pharmacokinetics for personalized optimization of metformin therapy, funded by Latvian Council of Science (project No: lzp-2018/2-0088).

2018 - 2021, RHODOLIVE: Biovalorization of olive oil mill wastewater to microbial lipids and other products via Rhodotula glutinis fermentation, funded by Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme ERA-net CoBioTech (1-st call) (grant No. 722361). 

2015 - 2018, SMARTPLANTS: Control of Engineered Metabolism by Flowering and Temperature Triggered Plant Regulatory Networks, funded by FP7 EraSynBio (2nd call). 

2015 - 2018, LEANPROT: Systems biology platform for the creation of lean-proteome Esherichia coli strains, funded by FP7 EraSysApp (2nd call). 

2013 - 2016, Metabolic engineering of Zymomonas mobilis respiratory chain, funded by Latvian Council of Science (grant No. 536/2012).

2013 - 2015, ERASysAPP: Systems Biology applications, funded by ERA-net (

2012 - 2014, ERASynBio: Development and Coordination of Synthetic Biology in the European Research Area, funded by ERA-net (

2009 - 2012, Establishment of Latvian interdisciplinary interuniversity scientific group of systems biology, funded by European Social Fund within activity „Attraction of Human Resources to Science”.




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Head of the group Egils Stalidzans

Phone: +371 29575510