In the late summer of 2015 the institute moved to the fifth floor of the new building of Academic Centre of Natural Sciences (ACNS) at Tornakalns district of Riga, about 500 meters from Daugava river and 700 meters from the new National library. Just as before we are neighbours of Faculty of Biology.

The Academic Center will house around 1500 students from 5 faculties – the faculties of Biology, Geography and Earth Science, Chemistry, Medicine as well as the Department of Optometry and Vision Science department of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

The construction of the UL ACNS was begun on February 28, 2014 when the construction permit was issued. Since then, the construction has proceeded at incredible speed – there was construction machinery operating in Torņakalns already in March, and a time capsule with a message to future generations was cemented into the foundation of the building in May 2014.

The construction of the UL ACNS was possible due to 5 million euro in Latvian state and UL financing, which managed to attract 30 million euro in co-financing from the sub-activities of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), managed by the State Education Development Agency (SEDA). The largest education infrastructure project to date has thus been realized.