Biodegradation studies with application to soil remediation and wastewater treatment processes   Contacts

   Eco-toxicological testing of environmental samples in order to evaluate an efficiency and safety of biodegradation    Contacts 

   Development of microbial biofertilizers with immobilized active compounds   Contacts 

   Kinetic and stoichiometric modeling and optimisation of metabolism networks    Contacts

   Kinetic and Boolean modeling of signaling networks   Contacts 

   Stoichiometric modeling of human metabolism    Contacts 

   in silico clinical trials   Contacts 

   Industrial microbiology   Contacts 

   Food biotechnology   Contacts 

   Microbial biopolymers for food and medical applications   Contacts 

   Yeast nutritional physiology   Contacts 

   Physiology and metabolism of non-conventional yeasts   Contacts 

   Bioconversion of dairy industry by-products    Contacts 

   Structure and function of bacterial electron transport chains with low efficiency of energy coupling   Contacts

   Engineering of Zymomonas mobilis aerobic metabolism   Contacts 

   Yeast cytology and physiology    Contacts 

   Anhydrobiosis in yeasts    Contacts 

   Dehydration of microorganisms    Contacts

   Purification of environment - microbial biofilters   Contacts 

   Immobilization of microorganisms   Contacts 

   Physiological engineering of microorganisms   Contacts

   Production of bioethanol   Contacts