Head of laboratory, Leading Researcher 

Dr.biol.  Armands Vigants

armands. vigants@lu.lv

Phone: +371 26587528

Researcher ,

Ph.D student 

Jekaterina Martynova

Researcher  Rita Scherbaka

Researcher, PhD Student Kristiana Kovtuna

The main topics of our research

Biotechnological  conversion of carbohydrate containing substrates to valuable products.

Biotechnological application of non-conventional yeasts (Kluyveromyces spp. ):

·         Cheese whey  lactose  bioconversion to bioethanol , yeast biomass

·         Inulin bioconversion

·         Production of phenylethanol

Biosynthesis of  prebiotics ( polifructans, fructooligosaccharides, galactoligosaccharides)


Biotechnological application  of  bacteria Zymomonas mobilis


2018 -2019.  Probiotiķu iegūšana no siera un biezpiena suliņām un tālāka pielietošana uzlabotu polifunkcionālu piena produktu ražošanā. Nr. 18-00-A01612-000002

2017 -2018.  Project – contract work for company Baltic Dairy Board  Ltd. “Experimental and analytical services for research of galactooligosaccharides (GOS) biosynthesis”. Contract Nr: A69-DL/554.

2016 -2017.  ERDF project of Center for Competence in Smart Materials and Technologies( “Improvement of controlled enzymatic hydrolysis process for the production of highly valuable whey and milk protein hydrolysates”.

2014-2015.  ERDF  project   „Application of non-conventional yeasts for improvement of bioethanol production from inulin containing raw materials – biotechnological and systems biology aproach. Nr. 2DP/, LU  Nr. ESS2014/171

2014-2015. ERDF Industry research project of Environment, Bioenergetics and Biotechnology Competence centre „  The research of improvements of composition  of  non-conventional yeasts biomass and its based products  obtained by fermentation of lactose containing substrates.” project Nr.1.20  ,  KC/, L-KC-11-0005.

2014. ERDF industry research project of Environment, Bioenergetics and Biotechnology Competence centre „The improvement of industrial potential of yeasts Kluyveromyces and studies of biomass processing methods in bioconversion of cheese whey" project Nr.1.8 , KC/, L-KC-11-0005.

2013.  ERDF industry research project of Environment, Bioenergetics and Biotechnology Competence centre „Bioconversion of milk processing by-product, i.e., whey, into ethanol and study of opportunities for by-product processing” project Nr.1.11  ,  KC/, L-KC-11-0005

2010-2012. Participation in ESF project „Establishment of Latvian interdisciplinary interunivesity scientific group of systems biology”, sub-activity „Co-fermentation of sucrose and  hydrolytic enzymes by Z.mobilis”.  Project deals with modeling „ in silico”of  metabolics pathways of Saccharomyces cerevisiae ans Zymomonas mobilis.

2005 -2008. Project “Biosynthesis of valuable products of Zymomonas mobilis by levansucrase and glucose-fructose oxidoreductase – influence of physico-chemical factors on stability and activity of enzymes” supported by Latvian Council of Science (Nr. 05.1523).

2004-2005. Market oriented project „Application of Latvian apples for production of fermented beverages” supported by Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Latvia (TOP 04-49).

2001 -2004.  "Investigation of catalytic properties of Zymomonas mobilis levansucrase; enzymatic bioconversion of sucrose". supported by Latvian Council of Science (Nr. 01.0038). 


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