Research topics

  • Biodegradation studies with application to soil remediation and wastewater treatment processes (nitroaromatic compounds and nitramines; crude oil; pharmaceutical compounds, pesticides and others). Air and water biofiltration in the laboratory model columns system); enzyme hydrolysis of municipal organic wastes
  • Eco-toxicological testing of environmental samples in order to evaluate an efficiency and safety of biodegradation processes (germination test, long-term vegetation experiments, microbial activity, and microbiotests (algae, daphnia and others)
  • Development of microbial biofertilizers with immobilized active compounds (isolation of endophytes; immobilization of microorganisms on different carriers; pot experiments and field trials; biochemical testing of soil, e.g., respiration, enzyme activity, etc.)


Dr. Olga Muter, Senior Researcher,,

MSc. ing. Andrejs Bērziņs, Researcher,

BSc. Kristīne Kalneniece,

BSc student Mārtiņš Kalniņš,

PhD student Laura Žorža,

BSc. student Viktors Vibornijs

MSc student Alīna Rimkus,






2019 - 2023, Quantification of the activity of soil microorganisms in agricultural soils, in frame of the LIFE16 CCM/LV/000082 project “Climate responsible agriculture in Latvia”, Institute for Environmental Solutions

2019 - 2020, Research and development of bioremediation-based indoor air biofiltration system, in cooperation with Lafivent Ltd., funded by the agreement with  Competence Center of Energy and Transport Ltd., Latvia. (project No.

2018 - 2020, Development and introduction of innovative methods in clinical practice for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors using molecularly targeted radionuclides produced in Latvia (sub-topic “Enhancing the resistance of Lactobacillus spp. towards oxidative stress, including gamma-irradiation”), funded by the UL Foundation and “MIKROTĪKLS” Ltd. (donation project 2201)

2016 - 2020, AMICI: Anti-Microbial Coating Innovations to prevent infectious diseases (COST Action 15114)

2015 - 2017, Establishing of the scientific capacity for the management of pharmaceutical products residues in the environment of Latvia and Norway, funded by Norway grants (project No. NFI/R/2014/010)

2014 - 2017, ResProd: Zemes dzīļu resursu izpēte - jauni produkti un tehnoloģijas (Zeme), apakšprojekts Nr. 4 „Māla materiālu inovatīvs pielietojums mikroorganismu biotehnoloģijās”, funded by the National Research Programme (project No. 2014.10-4/VPP-6/6)

2012 - 2016, Biochar as option for sustainable resource management (COST Action TD1107)

2010 - 2013, NatRes: Sustainable Use of Local Resources (Mineral Deposits, Forests, Food and Transport) – New Products and Technologies, subproject „Novel biotechnological products and technologies based on ceramics”, funded by the National Research Programme (project No. 2010.10-4/VPP-5)

2009-2012Changes of soil biological activity during cultivation of grain in different agricultural systems, funded by the Latvian Council of Science

2009-2012Investigation of solid state and submerged fermentation processes, funded by the Latvian Council of Science

2009-2011EUExNet: European Explosives Network for Explosives Education and Certification of Skills, funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci

2009-2010Degradation of explosives by microorganisms, funded by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia

2005-2006Degradation of explosives by microorganisms, funded by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia

Since 2009, Bioremediation of soils contaminated with oil, funded by JSC EKOOSTA

2009Characterization of soil contaminated by pesticides and analysis of its possible remediation, funded by Ltd. BAO

2004-2008, Different organic wastes bioconversion in controlled solid state fermentation processes with an assessment of bacteriological risks, funded by the Latvian Council of Science




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  • Ministry of Defence, the Republic of Latvia
  • Latvia Agriculture University
  • Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia
  • Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment „BIOR”, Latvia
  • State Stende Cereals Breeding Institute, Latvia
  • JSC Ekoosta, Latvia
  • JSC Intergeo, Latvia
  • JSC BAO, Latvia
  • JSC Biotehniskais Centrs, Latvia
  • Competence Centre for Energetic Materials, Sweden
  • Mälardalen University, Sweden
  • Tartu University, Estonia
  • Riga Technical University, Institute of Silicate Materials
  • Latvia State Institute of Wood Chemistry


Head of the laboratory

Dr.biol. Olga Mutere