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 Sub-programmes on EU External Relations with the focus on

This inter-disciplinary academic programme offers students the possibility to stu­dy European economic, political and legal space, to acquire deeper knowledge of European integration process and to analyse EU functional principles, procedures and major policies beyond disciplinary boundaries. The Programme allows specialisation in EU law, trade, energy issues, migration, regional and social dimensions, and external relations.The programme offers an ideal combination of theoretical knowledge, management education, practical skills and expertise on the EU.

Qualification awarded: Master of Social Sciences in European Studies.
  • EU/international and national public institutions and private companies
  • Political, economic and legal advising
  • Diplomatic service
  • Lobbying at the EU level
  • International journalism
  • Doctoral studies with the option of an academic career
  • Universities and research centres
  • Ph.D. studies

Prospective students of this programme are graduates who are from related academic disciplines and who are ambitious and motivated to pursue a career in EU-related activities.  The programme proves to be particularly attractive to both prospective and current public servants. It is possible to enroll in the programme on a full-time or a part-time basis, as well as to take individual components as separate units.

  • See Europe from the perspective of a new member state of the euro area;
  • See non-EU countries in the post-Soviet space from the European perspective, given that Latvia shares its borders with Russia, Belarus, and maintains close cooperation with former Soviet republics;
  • Attend courses given by high-level national and international faculty and EU practitioners;
  • Experience an interdisciplinary approach in the form of interactive and innovative teaching in English, such as group work, case studies, discussions and debates;
  • Study in an international environment of linguistic and cultural diversity;
  • Experience Riga - the capital city of Latvia - a city of great European history and cultural life, which in the year 2014 was the European Capital of Culture.
Students from Latvia, Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, US and Turkey have graduated from the European Studies Master’s Degree Programme.

Each year, the possibility to participate in a week of practical seminar week in Brussels is offered to the students of the European Studies’ Master Programme. This opportunity allows the participating students to visit major institution of the EU and of the NATO in Brussels, as well as to engage in discussion on the current issues in Europe with experts and specialists. Visit to and seminars at the Court of Justice of the Europe Union, located in Luxembourg, are also included in the programme. One week intensive seminar – equal to 3 ECTS credits.

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Other mobility schemes
  • European Central Bank (Frankfurt), and University of Applied Sciences of Deutsche Bundesbank (Hachenburg). A combined study visit with briefings at the ECB on current themes related to Monetary Policy of the EU (see programme) and classes given by fa­culty members of the University of Applied Sciences of Deutsche Bundesbank on Monetary Policy of the Bundesbank and other national banks in the EU (see programme). Duration - 5 days (equal to 3 ECTS credits).
  • Brussels, Frankfurt, Strasbourg and Luxembourg – EU Study Tour in cooperation with Canadian Network for European Studies. Intensive study trip exploring the institutions, evolution, and current issues of the EU through visits to the major institutions of the European Union. Briefings by the EU practitioners and politicians, meeting and discussions. Duration - 3 weeks.
  • Erasmus exchange programme.
  • EU-Canada Study Tour “Thinking Canada” – an initiative of the European Network for Canadian Studies, funded by the European Commission – a four-week intense study tour to Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Victoria and other cities) for European students that take place in September of each year and for selected participants can result in a two-month internships in Canada. This tour starts with three days of briefings in Brussels on the EU and EU-Canada relations. 4 weeks – equal to 12 ECTS credits.
  • Internships and exchange programmes at partner universities and think-tanks in Europe and overseas, summer schools – awarded according to the mutual agreements on the credits provided by the exchange programme.
  • Double Degree Diploma with Manipal University in India (at least 1 semester studies at Manipal University in India).

"At the European Studies programme, the international perspective is deeply rooted in all our activities. It is an excellent opportunity to acquire greater skills and competitive personal abilities in EU studies for practice oriented professions and careers in academia. It has been exciting to see our graduates successfully entering active professional life in the public or private sectors. We welcome you to join us."

Professor and Jean Monnet Chair
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