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Main results


  • Application of the natural microorganism associations for production of polyfunctional synbiotic drinks and their concentrates

  • Prebiotic exopolysaccharydes-producing cultures of lactic acid bacteria for synbiotic foods

  • Technology for appropriate fermentation conditions of Jerusalem artichoke powder based media to obtain light beverage containing inulin.

  • Wasteless technology for topinambour concentrate production.

  • Ethanol and levan biosynthesis are investigated by Zymomonas mobilis in free and immobilized cell systems.

  • Method for cells immobilization on surface of stainless steel wire and fixing them in large pores was worked out.

  • Technology for fructan syrup production from sucrose by Zymomonas mobilis bacteria was developed.

  • Closed and semiclosed biotechnological systems and models for biofuel production are developed.

  • Probiotic bacteria and grain products as consistuents of polyfunctional food products are investigated.

  • Technology of oat and fat-free milk based on the functional food product - "oat bio lacto".

  • Study of immunomodulating mechanisms of fructose polymer levan, synthesized by bacteria Zymomonas mobilis, as well as, products of its chemical modification, on the human cellular cultures in vitro.

  • The extensive investigation of the functional activity of different immunocompetent cells allowed to characterize the immunoregulation properties of levan and its derivatives.

  •  The structures of native and modified fructose chains were studied, designed and interpreted by computational method for carbohydrate modeling using special program "HyperChem".

  • Mechanisms controlling growth rate and lysine biosynthesis by different Corynebacterium glutamicum strains were investigated.

  •  Mechanisms controlling the activity of sugar-PTS and key enzymes of central metabolic pathways of Corynebacterium glutamicum were investigated.

  • Technologies of lysine biosynthesis by different Corynebacterium glutamicum strains, based on these principles of the control of bacterial growth and intracellular metabolite fluxes, were developed.

  • Physiology and biochemistry of valine biosynthesis by genetically constructed valine producing Corynebacterium glutamicum strains were investigated. Intracellular regulatory phenomena under conditions of decrease in bacterial growth rate of valine producing bacteria were investigated.

  • Infrared (IR) spectroscopy has been applied for studies of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and its products, functional food components and monitoring of fermentation processes using an advanced FT-IR techniques including microplate reader HTS-XT and IR-microscope Hyperion.

  • IR spectroscopy was successfully used for quantitative and qualitative analyses of different functional food components (oat, grain, fructose syrup, etc.).