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Main past projects


  • "Microbial biosynthesis of biologically active compounds". Latvian Academy of Sciences (1985-1993)

  •  "Biosynthesis of primary metabolites and storage polymers by Zymomonas mobilis and Lactobacillus; influence of medium osmolality and turbidity". Latvian Council of Science (1991-1996)

  •  "Technological properties of grain produced in Latvia". Ministry of Agriculture. (1994-1995)

  •  "Plant juices as raw material for biotechnology". (Project in cooperation with South Jitland University) (1994-1996)

  •  "Growth Control Mechanism in Corynebacterium glutamicum". Latvian Council of Science (1994-1996)

  •  "L-lysine production using byproducts of distillery". ALKO, Finland. (1990-1993).

  •  "Extracellular product synthesis by Zymomonas mobilis using immobilized cell systems and physiology of immobilized culture". Latvian Council of Science (1997-2000).

  •  "Development of technologies for biofuel production in conditions of Latvia". Latvian Council of Science (1997-2000).

  •  "Substrate Transport and Product Export Systems in Corynebacterium glutamicum: Biochemical Aspects of their control". Latvian Council of Science (1997-2000)

  •  "Coordination of the Activity of Glucose Transport and Lysine Export Systems in Corynebacterium glutamicum". Latvian Council of Science (1997-2001)

  •  "Concept evaluation for fuel - bioethanol - production in Latvia" (Agreement with environment Protection Foundation) (1999)

  •  „Regulatory Phenomena of the Central Metabolism in Valine and Lysine Producing C. glutamicum Strains". Latvian Council of Science (2001-2003)

  •  "Bioreactor for sucrose conversion". Ministry of Education and Sciences (2002)

  •  "The biotechnological conversion of renewable resources and use of its products". Latvian Council of Science (2002-2005)

  •  "Modified fructans as regulators of the main stages of immunity: relations of norm and pathology" Latvian Council of Science (2001-2004).

  •  "Fructans and imunopathogenesis of malignant lymphoproliferative diseases: functions of immunocompetent cells; citokines and molecular regulation" Latvian Council of Science (2001-2004).

  •  "Construction of Corynebacterium glutamicum Strains Producing Either L-Valine or D-Pantothenic Acid - a Rational Approach Using Genome Research (VALPAN)". Project of EF5 Program "Quality of Life", financed by Europen Commission (Contract No.QLK3 - CT - 2000 - 00497, (2001-2004)

  •  „Jaunu funkcionālo piena produktu ieguves tehnoloģijas izstrāde, izmantojot fruktānus”. Latvian Council of Science (2004-2005)

  •  „Imūnmodulatorus un antioksidantus saturošu uztura bagātinātāju izstrāde un ieviešana ražošanā”. Latvian Council of Science (2004-2005)