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The “European Round Table” (ERT) discussion, organized by the Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Latvia supported by the Latvian European Community Studies Association, the Marie Curie Chair and the European Institute Latvia. The programming of the Round Table will be managed by the Round Table Board, comprised of following members Morten Hansen, Roswitha King, Tatyana Muravska and Artis Purins.

The idea of the ERT emerged from a discussion about informal and controversial topic on “Latvian Construction Labour in Sweden”. After that discussion we felt that events of this kind should be organized on a regular basis.

There are several different forums on European topics for the general public, students, government, etc., but for the ERT the target group is academic personnel - Professors, lecturers, researchers and PhD students.

The “European Round Table” is envisaged as a forum for discussions on topics of interests for the European Union in its wider context.

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