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14th International Students’ Research Conference Calls for Papers
Anita Auzina

Staying faithful to traditions, the University of Latvia, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art kindly welcomes brave and inquisitive young researchers to share their discovery made while conducting their researches. Diversity in culture, language and experience is the great foundation for reaching the common aim – broadening the knowledge.

Knowledge can be compared to the wings that help to rise and see the world wider. Enjoy this unforgettable flight together with us during the 14th International Students’ Research Conference. Everything needed for the flight is being prepared and we are looking forward to seeing the passengers!

Time of the conference: May 12 – 14, 2015

Location of the conference: University of Latvia, Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art, Jūrmalas gatve 76, Riga.

Participants of the conference: bachelor, professional studies, masters, PhD students as well as students of secondary school, and teaching staff.

The outline of the conference: plenary, parallel sections, in which the participants of the conference are welcome to present their research as a 15 minute talk, 45 minute workshop, 30 minute discussion or 10 minute poster presentation; and closing plenary.

Organizers: 3rd year students of the English language teacher study programme.

Due date for submission of presenter’s application form is April 1, 2015.

More information and presenter’s application form can be found: