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Exhibition „From the Undiscovered to Knowledge”
Aija Fedorova, Manager of the UL Museum of History

By the end of December, the hall of the Museum of History, at Raiņa bulvāris 19, room 405, hosts an exhibition “From the Undiscovered to Knowledge. Facts and pictures about University of Latvia from 1919 to 2009, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the University”.

What used to be there at earlier times where now the Grand Hall is? Which was the most popular faculty during the first year of the University of Latvia and when there were 11 words in the official name of the University of Latvia?

You will get answers to these and other questions in the exhibition “From the Undiscovered to Knowledge”, created by the Museum of History of the University of Latvia. It is not an easy task to explore the 90-year-long history of the University of Latvia, which lacks no colorful or complicated events, in a single exhibition, therefore a game was created, prompting one to link photographs and historical facts and covering areas such as the formation and the first operational year of the University, its symbols, rectors, and the chronicle of major events in the nine decades.

The exhibition displays photographs from the museum collection that have never been put on display before. Visitors of the exhibition can observe how the main building of the University of Latvia, the Grand Hall and students have changed during these 90 years. The road to higher education and development in Latvia has always been like moving from the undiscovered to knowledge, just like it is during one’s studies.

It is hoped that all visitors of the exhibition will discover something new for themselves about the University of Latvia. During this anniversary year of the University, every third visitor of the exhibition receives a present. The museum offers a guided tour that must be booked in advance.

Translated by students of the professional study programme Translator of the University of Latvia.