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Zvaigznota Debess (The Starry Sky) is the oldest popular science periodical in Latvia. It mainly covers astronomical topics such as astronomical news, historical facts, tools, observatories, scientists, space exploration, amateur information, etc.

"Zvaigžņotā Debess" ("ZvD") has for 50 years (since autumn 1958) been published by the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) and the Institute of Astronomy, University of Latvia (till 1997 the Radioastrophysical Observatory of the LAS), the Publishing House "Mācību grāmata" (till 1996 the Publishing House "Zinātne").
Editors-in-chief: Jānis Ikaunieks (1958-1969), Arturs Balklavs (1969-2005).

According to the season "ZvD" gives the information on the starry sky, the planets, meteors, comets and other interesting natural phenomena. The main purpose of the published articles is to inform and explain the achievements of modern astronomy and space exploration (astronautics). Information on observatories and about prominent scientists has been published, too. But "ZvD" has never been confined to only astronomical themes. Many interesting and useful articles are on physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, philosophy, folklore, science and especially many articles on Latvian history of science are published in "ZvD" to educate readers, and to improve their knowledge. This quarterly has a special chapter for schools, the impressions from the olympiads of astronomy, physics and mathematics for pupils; problems and solutions of problems are there, too. Prominent Latvian scientists (astronomers, physicists, mathematicians, etc.) are the authors of the articles, original publications by foreign scientists are there, too.

"ZvD" is known in the world: it is sent to numerous (over 120) foreign scientific libraries and is an integral part of the inter- library department of the scientific library of the Institute of Astronomy University of Latvia.

Editorial Board (2018): 

  • Corresp.memb. of the LAS Dr.habil.math. Agnis Andžāns (Editor-in-chief),
  • Kārlis Bērziņš,
  • Mārtiņš Gills (Deputy editor-in-chief),
  • Ph.D. Jānis Jaunbergs,
  • Dr.phil. Rihards Kūlis,
  • Irena Pundure (executive secretary),
  • Dr.paed. Ilgonis Vilks.

Editorial Office:
Raiņa bulv 19, Riga
phone: +371-67034581