The A-Patch Research & Innovation project will research, innovate, push technology barriers, and demonstrate innovative use of Flexible and Wearable Electronics in the medical and well-being sectors, validate its prototype devices in lab and hospital environments (TRL 4-5). Industrial exploitation of the A-Patch applications will be clearly identified. The project will develop non-invasive autonomous wearable diagnostic patches for real-time remote monitoring of infection status. The A-Patch will use a novel intelligent hybrid sensor array with multiplexed detection capabilities to detect disease-specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the surface of the skin, enabling rapid and highly-accurate diagnosis using a small device. Product innovations for professionals and consumers will be incorporated, and benefits demonstrated. Integration of electronic devices in connected wearable, flexible and stretchable settings, low-power interconnection, compatibility with low-cost manufacturing, efficient energy scavenging and storage, functional performance, and durability will be successfully demonstrated. To ensure reliability and enable extended usage periods, the sensor array will be self-repairing and the device will be self-powered, by advancing cutting-edge research on chemical hybrid sensors and materials. A-Patch will incorporate secure transmission to enable privacy-ensured diagnosis monitoring by physicians, national health systems and worldwide health organisations. The project partners include a health-maintenance organisation, a diagnostic test implementer with in-depth understanding of end-user needs, technology developers, academic / research institutes and a system integrator. The project is planned for a 36-month duration and is estimated to require total funding of 4 M€.