Business Administration

The aim of the study programme "Business Administration" with a specialization in international business is to prepare students to develop their own business in international environment or to work as a highly qualified specialist in state, private and international institutions. The graduates will have a full range of competences to work in the field of entrepreneurship in the context of laws and regulations. Students will be trained to work both - individually and in groups; they will also develop their presentation skills, analytical skills and critical thinking skills, which are necessary both for the labour market to remain effective and for business organizations to develop in a volatile economic environment. Studies are in English.

  • 1st year – Start-up, economic theory, business English, economic informatics, statistics;
  • 2nd year – management, theory of finance, marketing, optimization theory, theory of accounting, international economic relations, record keeping and correspondence, course paper;
  • 3rd year – business strategy and policy, introduction to law, financial accounting, personnel management, specialization courses, course paper;
  • 4th year – commercial law, management psychology, specialization courses, academic practice, bachelor thesis.

During the study programme theoretical knowledge is supplemented with practical know-how in the field of entrepreneurship. Students have an opportunity to take practicums or find internships in a variety of businesses, government institutions, and international organizations.

Graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills to work competently and professionally in public bodies and private sector businesses, banks, government and research institutions. The study programme provides all the necessary tools for students to establish a private business regardless of the industry. Graduates can also continue their studies both in Latvia and abroad.

4 years – studies during working days

Full-time studies – 2500 € per year

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Business Administration

Vidējā izglītība

Vispārīgie nosacījumi (skatīt šeit)

Konkursa kritēriji personām, kuras ieguvušas vidējo izglītību sākot no 2004. gada:

CE matemātikā
CE angļu valodā

Konkursa kritēriji personām, kuras ieguvušas vidējo izglītību līdz 2004. gadam (neieskaitot), kā arī personām ar īpašām vajadzībām:

gada atzīme matemātikā (vai vidējā atzīme algebrā un ģeometrijā)
gada atzīme angļu valodā

Nosacījumi personām, kuras ieguvušas vidējo izglītību ārvalstīs:

  1. Vidējās izglītības dokumentā jābūt sekmīgam vērtējumam matemātikā;
  2. Angļu valodas prasme, kuru apliecina sekmīgs vērtējums angļu valodā vidējās izglītības dokumentā, izņemot gadījumus, kad vidējā izglītība iegūta angļu valodā.

Methodologist: Astra Zaļkalne, room 312, phone +371 67034986, e-mail: