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Biotechnological conference in Lviv
Alexander Rapoport

7th International Weigl Conference has taken place in Lviv on 26-29 September 2017. About 130 researchers have participated in the conference. They represented Poland, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Turkey, Iran, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Alexander Rapoport has given at the conference big invited plenary lecture about our studies of waste-less production of furfural, bioethanol an other valuable compounds from the renewable resources which are performed in Riga in the frames of ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) Project No. Rudolf Weigl (1883-1957) is a famous Polish microbiologis of Austrian descent. He worked in Lviv, then Lwow in Poland during period between the two World Wars. He was the first who proposed exploiting the laboratory animals as a source of microorganisms used vaccine preparation. He worked out the first anti-typhus vaccine and developed the technology of its production on the industrial scale. 20 participants of the conference visited the Lviv city house and had a meeting and discussion with Lviv city mayor Mr. Andriy Sadovyi which simultaneously is a Party leader of Self Reliance which is very popular in Ukraine.