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Main Directions of Investigations
Last Update

  • Biodegradation studies with application to soil remediation and wastewater treatment processes (LEM)
  • Eco-toxicological testing of environmental samples in order to evaluate an efficiency and safety of biodegradation (LEM)
  • Development of microbial biofertilizers with immobilized active compounds (LEM)
  • Kinetic and stoichiometric modeling and optimisation of metabolism networks (CSBGMBG)
  • Kinetic and Boolean modeling of signaling networks (CSBGMBG)
  • Stoichiometric modeling of human metabolism (CSBGMBG)
  • in silico clinical trials (MBG)
  • Industrial microbiology (LIMFB)
  • Food biotechnology (LIMFB)
  • Microbial biopolymers for food and medical applications (LIMFB)
  • Yeast nutritional physiology (YNPG)
  • Physiology and metabolism of non-conventional yeasts (GBC)
  • Bioconversion of dairy industry by-products (GBC)
  • Structure and function of bacterial electron transport chains with low efficiency of energy coupling (LMB)
  • Engineering of Zymomonas mobilis aerobic metabolism (LMB)
  • Yeast cytology and physiology (LCB)
  • Anhydrobiosis in yeasts (LCB)
  • Dehydration of microorganisms (LCB)
  • Purification of environment - microbial biofilters (LCB)
  • Immobilization of microorganisms (LCB)
  • Physiological engineering of microorganisms (LCB)
  • Production of bioethanol (LCB)