Degree to be achieved: Master of Humanities in Philology
Duration of studies: 2 years
Type of studies: Full time
Amount of credits: 120 ECTS
Language of instruction: English
Study programme is accredited
Tuition fee

Please note that the University of Latvia is in the process of accreditation of new study programme “English Studies”. This programme will be offered instead of programme “English Philology”. Study agreements will be concluded in the programme “English Studies” after the license will be received in May/June 2021.

The main goal of the study programme is to develop competences of conducting independent research in the selected sub-branch of philology on the basis of the acquired knowledge and skills.
The objectives of the programme are to ensure that students broaden and systematize the acquired knowledge about the content, methodology, major theories and current research in literature, general and applied linguistics, develop awareness of implementing theories in practice, acquire research work skills, foster generic and subject-specific competences and apply them in research work and professional practice. Students develop the ability to formulate, do a summative analysis of the developmental tendencies in linguistics, literary studies and language acquisition, and the ability to state the research problems and propose approaches to solving problems.

Upon a successful completion of the programme MA degree holders will be able to conduct independent research on issues related to general linguistics, applied linguistics and literature, to continue to advance their knowledge and research skills in the doctoral programme studies.

Study period and classes time
The full – time degree programme covers two academic years. Classes are in the evenings of working days from 4.30pm (or 6.15pm) till 9.30pm.

Career opportunity
The MA degree in English Philology enables the graduates to have a number of job opportunities at institutions of secondary and higher education, public administration agencies, non-governmental organizations, the EU structures, the publishing industry, mass media, translation and terminology centres.

Admission requirements

1. Bachelor’s or master’s degree, or a diploma proving equivalent level of education from an institution of higher education;
2. English language proficiency.

Enrolment criteria (for students competing for the state-financed study place)
1. The grade obtained in final Bachelor’s exam or the average grade obtained in final exams (40%);
2. The grade point average of undergraduate studies (60%).
Please note! Only EU/EEA/Swiss citizens and EU long-term resident status holders can compete for a state-financed study place.

Additional admission requirement for citizens of India, Sri Lanka and Nepal: complex test in the form of a Skype interview.

More information and Study plan

Autumn Intake (application start: 4 Jan 2021; studies start in Sept 2021)



Contact person for more information

Director of the Programme                            
Assist. prof. Zigrīda Vinčela

Coordinator of the Programme                      
Ieva Melbārde
Phone: +371 67034913
Faculty of Humanities
4A Visvalža Street, Riga, LV-1050