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Programme catalogue (continuing education)

Educational Activities for Language Acquisition in a Multilingual Society - continuing education

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Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
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Programme abstract
The Professional Training Programme in the Area of Work with Parents in the Context of Bilingual Education is aimed at educators performing educational activities in pre-schools and schools. The main purpose of the programme is to provide competency for educators - mentors in the area of bilingual education and cooperation with parents, so that they are able to provide support to the families by using educational consulting in the context of bilingual education of the child at the educational institution and provide mentoring support to their colleagues on issues of teaching children, as well as offer aid to parents in the context of bilingual education in multilingual and multicultural society. Within the framework of the programme, participants of the courses will be able to gain understanding of the transformation of the concept of bilingual education today and of the possibilities to promote it in the family and educational institution. Participants will develop their competency as experts - mentors of bilingual education in order to operate in the team of educational institution, in the local community, or at the state level. They will promote understanding about the cooperation between the family and educational institution, as well as its meaning in providing a child with wellbeing in the family and educational institution during the process of gaining education. They will update their knowledge on current research done in their country and internationally, explaining the meaning of understanding bilingual education, as well as help and support parents as the social partnership in the education system. They will develop their skills to form cooperation as a guided process between the educational institution, family, state administration, and local government. They will gain understanding on the meaning of cultural environment in promoting motivation in the educational institution and the local community
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