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Main research activities

Investigations of carbon stars (C) and  low resolution (λ/Δλ~500) spectroscopy of the potential C stars. Low dispersion spectral  and photometric studies of carbon stars, detecting their variabilities and main parameters of atmospheres. Maintaining and updating General catalog of Galactic carbon stars.

Studies on the effect of dust on the formation of certain molecules, including the process of computer modeling. Spectral line studies of hot, tenuous environments.

Monitoring of minor planets of Solar system. Below image of the asteroid 2008 OS9, see The Apollo Group Asteroid 2008 OS9: Discovery, Orbit, Rotation and the Yarkovsky/YORP Effects.

Routine satellite laser ranging  within ILRS/EUROLAS  network,  can track  from low satellites like GOCE, Champ up to Lageos and GNSS satellites: GPS-35,36, GIOVE-A, COMPASS.  Permanent GPS base station operating in International GNSS Service (IGS) and EUREF permament networks.

Design of precision optical systems with apertures up to 35 cm for astronomy, laser ranging, remote sensing and other applications.

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