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Conference and recreational complex “Ratnieki”
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The “Ratnieki” estate in Līgatne municipality, Cēsis district, is a complex of several buildings, agricultural land and a forest. In 1971, Roberts Hiršs, manufacturer and introducer of silk fabric manufacturing in Latvia, bequeathed his property to the University of Latvia.

The location of the country estate “Ratnieki” is geographically advantageous and attracts much interest from tourists. It is situated in the ancient Gauja River valley at the Gauja National Park, which is a protected nature and landscape territory, at a distance of 13km from Sigulda and borders with Nurmižu Nature Reserve, which is the only naturally created glen reserve in the Baltic States.

The complex of buildings built in the thirties of the past century was created as a big exemplary farm. With the funding from EU structural funds received within the framework of Measure “Improvement of environmental infrastructure and tourism development opportunities”, Activity “Effective use of cultural and historical heritage for development of tourism”, five buildings were renovated in 2006 and the conference and recreational complex “Ratnieki” was established preserving its thirties’ interior style and the vintage names of the buildings – The Granary, The White House, The Masters' House, The Stables,  The Small Granary,  The Barn.

The complex now functions as a training and conference centre as well as a recreational centre hosting various events, even sports games, and it can offer accommodation for 136 people. The Barn is available for organizing big events as it can receive up to 1000 people.

Adress: "Ratnieki", Līgatne parish, Cēsis district, LV - 4109
Phone: +371 64155688
Mob. phone: +371 26445211
Web page: