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The cultural, artistic and educational creative society “Juventus”
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Society "JUVENTUS"
: Raiņa Blvd. 19-115, Riga, LV - 1586
Head: Edīte Simanoviča
Phone: +371 67034397

The cultural, artistic and educational creative society of the University of Latvia “Juventus” was founded on July 14th, 1993. Since then it has successfully broadened activities and actively engaged in cultural processes of the country.

Currently the main objective of our activities is to offer the possibility for everybody to participate in dances and songs of Latvians. There are 19 artistic amateur collectives acting under the society „Juventus” of the University of Latvia, which are led by 40 skilled conductors, choir masters, choreographers, directors, concert masters.

The viewers and listeners are enjoyed by the smooth dancing and loud songs of the dancers and singers of the University of Latvia all year through at home – in Riga and Latvia as well as all through the world. The artistic amateur collectives are participating in charity events, competitions, festivals, they have gained many awards both of local and international significance.

The work of the organization "Juventus" can be split into three main areas.

Firstly, Juventus organises events within the university. These include new student events, the celebration of the university's anniversary, Christmas concerts, regular concerts of amateur artistic groups, and joint events with other Latvian universities.

Secondly, Juventus participates in state events. These include participation in the song and dance festivals, participation in the Baltic Republic Student Song and Dance festival "Gaudeamus", and participation in the international folk dance festival "Pulkā eimu, pulkā teku".

Thirdly, Juventus has supported the work of the following 19 amateur artistic groups of the university: the choirs "Juventus", "Minoja", "Latve", "Dziedonis", "Dziesmuvara", and "Prezidiju Konveta Viru Koris - ('The Presidium Convention Male Choir'); the choir "DeCoro" from the Department of Biology; the choir "Aura", from the Department of Physics and Mathematics; the choir "Jubilate" from the Department of Theology; the ancient musical ensemble "Canto"; the male voice ensemble, "Vīru Vokālais Ansamblis"; the dance groups "Dancis", "Dancītis", and "Senā Daile"; the student theatre; the chamber orchestra; the wind orchestra of the University of Latvia; the dance folklore group "Dandari"; and the applied art studio "VĀPE", which has proven itself not only to be a useful resource for students to use in their free time, but has also provided students and teachers from the Academy of Art, the Academy of Culture, and the Academy of Music the opportunity to practice their skills in creative laboratories.

Nowadays, the main aim of our work is not to limit ourselves within the four walls of our organization. Rather, it is to continue our work in the above-mentioned areas, developing them via an organic interaction of the university as an educational and scientific institute with Latvia’s creative force; thus, creating a powerful support base for the cultural life of the country. The priority of this base is to support and encourage creative activities, including the Academy of Culture, the Academy of Art, the students and teaching staff of the Academy of Art, and other independent creative people from Latvia.