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Folklore dance group „Dandari”
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The folklore dance group of the University of Latvia - „Dandari” has been founded in 1980. It unites creative, young, active persons, that have the common interests about own nation’s cultural traditions. The main field of activities of the group is the choreographic folklore – folklore and ethnographic dances in pairs and groups of Latvian and neighboring countries, quadrilles, games and game dances. Apart from dances „Dandari” also master songs and singing, playing of musical instruments, regional traditions and even finesses of national costume wear.

„Dandari” meet twice a week in premises of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, University of Latvia under the guidance of ethnomusicology expert Ilmars Pumpurs and choreographer Dace Circene. The ensemble regularly participates in various cultural and seasonal events, concerts and festivals in Latvia and abroad. In 2007/2008 season, the dancers have visited Poland, Lithuania and Russia, but the plans for the following seasons are even busier with prospected events.

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