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It has been founded in 1975. The art director of the ensemble is Uldze Dzene , repetiteur - Ilze Dzene and concert master - Ruta Nīmane .

The dancing skills in the ensemble are acquired by dancers in 8 different age groups – kids from age of 2, youth and average generation group. „Dancītis” performs both simple Latvian ethnographic dances and their arrangements, and passionate, serious scenic Latvian and foreign dances, and original choreography of collective’s leaders. Twice per season there are two new concert programs enjoying our friends.

Since the foundation of the collective the dancers has regularly participated in all Song and Dance Celebrations. It has turned into a tradition to perform annually in the Open Air Museum. A particular event was the participation in the unique river of dance -„Dejas upe” in the Celebration of 800 years of Riga in 2001.

The dancers of „Dancītis” have successfully participated in friendship concerts and festivals in Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Bashkiria, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Austria