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University of Latvia Faculty of Physics and Mathematics Mixed Choir “Aura” was founded in autumn of 2004. Originally it was founded as Riga’s Central Humanitarian middle school teacher choir, but, slowly, more and more students from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics joined the choir, and so, from the year 2008 the choir officially became the choir of the faculty. Right now there are around seventy active choir members. Choir repertoire includes latvian folk songs, latvian and other nation songs as well as spiritual music. The choir’s artistic director and conductor is Edgars Vītols, vocal educator – Inga Lisovska and choirmaster Emīls Rusovs.

The choir has participated in 14th and 15th Latvian Song and Dance Festival, 16th and 17th Baltic Student Song and Dance Festival “Gaudeamus”, 8th European Choir Games, 3rd European Choir Games and many other international choir competition.

Choir “Aura” actively sings in concerts around Latvia, both creating their own concert programmes and participating in larger scale musical events. “Aura” has established a good relationship with famous composer Raimonds Pauls and the Maestro himself has played piano in many of their concerts. Not only that, but “Aura” has also largely cooperated with composer Ilze Arne whose songs have been in the choir’s repertoire for many years, and have spent countless of concerts together.

The choir memebers themselves are quick to point out that their choir is “possibly the best choir in the whole world”, where seventy close friends work together and  make their dream of singing come true. “Aura” has existed for more than ten years nowand a lot of traditions have come to flourish, for example, choir camp which happens every year in a different small Latvian town. The camp is organized with the goal to learn a repertoire for one of the next season’s concerts or competitions, along with the initiation of new members and swearing the oath. For many members the choir has become a lifestyle, a second family that celebrates holidays together like Jāņi Day (known as summer solstice) and watches the fireworks of the New Year’s Eve, invite each other to birthdays and weddings, as well as search for travelling companions. But all of that only after a well done work, because every member of “Aura” knows that Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 18.30 till 21.00 are reserved for choir rehearsals. Two and a half hours pass by in the blink of an eye by seriously working and not-so-seriously joking around – in this ambience even in the grayest of days one can gain energy to tackle the rest of the week with a smile on their face.

Choir achievements:

  • July of 2017 “Grand Prix of Nations 2017”, Riga

gold medal in Adult Choir category silver medal in Folklore a cappella category

  • October of 2016 “Canta al mar 2016”, Calella (Spain)

gold diploma in Mixed Choir Highest Difficulty category gold diploma in Folklore music category

  • October of 2015 “Praga Cantat”, Prague (Czech Republic)

1st place and gold medal in Folklore music category;
gold medal in Mixed Choir category;
Special Jury Prize for interpretation of folk songs

  • July of 2014, 8th World Choir Games, Riga

gold medal in Musica Sacra with accompaniment category;
silver medal in Scenic Folklore category;
silver medal in Mixed Choir category

  • November of 2013, international choir competition “5th Malta International Choir Competition & Festival”, Valletta (Malta)

1st place and gold medal in Folklore music category;
gold medal in Mixed Choir Highest Difficulty category;
gold medal in Sacred Choir music category

  • July of 2011, international choir competition Grand Prix of Choral Music, Graz (Austria)

gold medal in Folklore music category;
gold medal in Mixed Choir category;
audience prize of sympathy after attractive performances in laureate concerts

  • October of 2010, 6th International Robert Schumann Choir Competition & Festival, Zwickau (Germany)

1st place and gold diploma in Mixed Choir category with mandatory musical piece;
1st place and gold diploma in Spiritual music programme;
best conductor prize for Edgars Vītols

  • November of 2008, 25th International Franz Schubert Choir Competition, Vienna (Austria)

1st place and gold diploma in category without mandatory musical piece;
gold diploma in Spiritual music programme;
best conductor prize for Edgars Vītols