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UL Scientific research and education projects (2011)
Last Update
Structural unit No. Leader Project name/title Realization start dateRealization closing/finishing date
Natural sciences 
Faculty of Computing 2479 Ambainis A. Quantum algorithms and the foundations of quantum computation 01.05.2008. 01.05.2012.
Faculty of Computing 2671 Ambainis A. Quantum Computer Science (QCS) 01.09.2010. 01.09.2013.
Faculty of Computing 1797 Muiznieks A.  Mathematical modeling of microscopic crystallization process and of various macroscopic aspects of Czochralski process during large silicon single crystal industrial growth 01.01.2001. 31.12.2011.
Institute of Chemical Physics 1989 Kizane G. Influence of the magnetic field on the T (tritium) ceramic 02.01.2003. 31.12.2011.
Institute of Chemical Physics 1990 Kizane G. Improvement of the radiation ionisation facility 02.01.2003. 31.12.2011.
Institute of Chemical Physics 2676 Kizane G. Properties of tritium accumulated in the materials of the fusion devices 27.09.2010. 31.08.2011.
Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy 2689 Bogans E. Global Mercury Observation System (GMOS) 01.11.2010. 01.11.2015.
Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy 2698 Spigulis J. Combination of electroporation and sonoporation for efficient drug delivery into cells and tissues for tumor treatment 22.12.2010. 20.12.2011.
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics 2702 Bethers U. Maintenance, assistance, data processing, and delivery of automated system "FiMar" for operational oceanography and prognostic meteorological conditions 01.01.2011. 31.12.2011.
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics 2703 Jakovics A. PhD Education in Energy Efficient Electrotechnologies at Russian Universities 15.10.2010. 15.10.2013.
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics 2718 Bethers U. Development of extension of FIMAR software for ship applications 19.04.2011. 15.06.2011.
Faculty of Chemistry  2660 Namsone D. PROFILES - Professional Reflection-Orientated Focus on Inquiry-based Learning and Education though Science (FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY-2010-1) 01.12.2010. 01.12.2014.
Faculty of Chemistry  2680 Vīksna A. Qualitative and quantitative study of biodiesel produced by mobile reactor 01.08.2010.  
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics 2562 Ferbers R. Laserlab Europe 01.03.2009. 01.03.2012.
Fac. of Geography and Earth sc. 2393 Briede A. Advances in homogenisation methods of climate series: an integrated approach 10.10.2007. 02.05.2011.
Faculty of Biology  2478 Spungis V. A Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure "PESI" 01.05.2008. 01.05.2011.
Faculty of Economics and Management 2504 Ernsteins R. Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme "Intelligent Energy Pprogramme" project "Schools at University for Climate and Energy" (SAUCE) 18.08.2008. 18.08.2011.
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics 2540 Bethers U. MyOcean - Development and pre-operational validation of upgraded GMES Marine Core Services and capabilities 02.01.2009. 01.04.2012.
Fac. of Geography and Earth sc. 2597 Seglins V. Pan-European infrastructure for management of marine and ocean geological and geophysical data 01.05.2009. 01.11.2012.
Faculty of Economics and Management 2605 Ernsteins R. Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate (THESEUS) 01.12.2009. 01.12.2013.
Fac. of Geography and Earth sc. 2710 Seglins V. Enabling access to geological information in support of GMES (PanGeo) 01.02.2011. 01.02.2013.
Academic department 2726 Liepina L. Researchers' Night 2011 07.06.2011. 06.10.2011.
Institute of Astronomy  2481 Lapuska K. Provision of ERS-2 onsite normal points and full rate data from the laser tracking site  01.05.2008. 31.12.2011.
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics 2621 Auzins M. COLIMA - Coherent manipulation of light and matter via interferences of laser-dressed states 01.03.2010. 01.12.2014.
Institute of Astronomy  2625 Lapuska K. ROL state geodetic coordinate system point zero maintenance within fundamental geocentric coordinate systems 15.02.2010. 31.12.2011.
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics 2693 Cebers A. Biomimetic and Biomineralized Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Bio2MaN4 MRI) 16.08.2011. 16.08.2014.
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics 2720 Zacs L. Evolved stars: clues to the chemical evolution of galaxies (POSTAGBinGALAXIES) 01.04.2011. 01.04.2014.
Institute of Chemical Physics 2741 Kizane G. EURATOM 26.09.2011. 31.10.2012.
The Humanities and Social sciences
Fac.of Humanities 2333 Lele-Rozentale Dz. Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity (DYLAN) 01.10.2006. 01.10.2011.
Fac.of Humanities 2623 Savlovska D. Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues 01.02.2010. 31.12.2012.
Fac.of Humanities 2705 Kraushars F. The changing image of man in tang, Song and Ming China 11.01.2011. 20.12.2011.
Faculty of Biology  2534 Putnina A. Impact of Citizen Participation on Decision-Making in a Knowledge Intensive Policy Field 01.01.2009. 31.12.2011.
Library of the University of Latvia 2622 Gudakovska I. Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe 01.12.2009. 01.12.2012.
Center for European and Transition Studies 2654 Muravska T. The Objective of Economic and Social Cohesion in the Economic Policies of Member States 01.01.2007. 01.09.2012.
Faculty of Social sicences  2681 Tisenkopfs T. Urban, peri-urban and regional food dynamics: toward an territorial approach to food (PUREFOOD) 01.12.2010. 01.12.2014.
Fac.of Educ., Psychol. and Art 2683 Maslo I. Capitalizing on Validpack: going Europe wide 01.12.2010. 30.11.2012.
Fac.of Educ., Psychol. and Art 2684 Maslo I. Creating a business in the digital age-developing enterpreneurship competencies for young Europeans through eMentorship - CReBUS 01.01.2010. 31.10.2012.
Faculty of Chemistry  2709 Prikulis A. Identifying barriers in promoting the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance at institutional level and making recommendation as to how there might be addressed 01.01.2011. 31.12.2013.
Faculty of Social sicences  2716 Zobena A. Social Partnership for Anticipating change in the Labour Market 01.12.2010. 16.12.2011.
Faculty of Economics and Management 2725 Medne I. Research of the potential tourist behavior model in Latvian tourism  priority target market  – Germany (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) 04.01.2011. 01.12.2011.
Educational projects, etc.
Foreign affairs dept. 2592 Grzibovska  A. Scholarship scheme for academic exchange between Westen Balkan countries and EU & Candidate Countries 15.07.2009. 30.11.2011.
Faculty of Social sicences  2616 Bela-Krumina B. Maģistra programma "Starptautiskā migrācija un sociālā kohēzija" 01.09.2010. 31.12.2013.
Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology 2618 Mutere O. European Explosives Network  01.11.2009. 31.10.2011.
Fac.of Humanities 2648 Karapetjana I. Cross-Cultural Competence and Interaction 01.09.2010. 31.08.2011.
Foreign affairs dept. 2652 Grzibovska  A. ERASMUS programmas intensīvie valodu kursi 2010/2011 01.06.2010. 31.05.2011.
Foreign affairs dept. 2657 Grzibovska  A. ES izglītības programmas  LLP/ERASMUS 2010/2011. akad. g. līgums ar APA (stud., pasn. mobilitāte) 01.06.2010. 30.09.2011.
Center for European and Transition Studies 2664 Muravska T. Transnationality of Migrants (Marie Curie Research Training Network) 01.01.2007. 31.08.2012.
Fac.of Humanities 2670 Kraushars F. Research Center for East Asian Studies at the National Library of Latvia (support for the formative stage) 01.07.2010. 01.07.2013.
Foreign affairs dept. 2674 Grzibovska  A. Baltijas jūras valstu universitāšu tīkls  01.07.2010. 01.07.2013.
Fac.of Humanities 2677 Veisbergs A. Post-graduate course in Conference Interpreting 01.06.2010. 30.06.2011.
Foreign affairs dept. 2679 Grzibovska  A. Integration, Interaction and Institutions (Triple I) 01.11.2010. 01.11.2014.
Student services 2682 Talmane R. Skills Matching and Route for Training Knowledge Network (S.M.A.R.T. KNOW.NET.) 20.09.2010. 20.09.2012.
Development and planning dept 2704 Markvarts R. Reorienting patent information centres 01.11.2010. 30.11.2013.
Faculty of Biology  2713 Aivars J. Bilateral Agreement for the academic years 2011-2013 Lifelong Learning programme: Higher education (ERASMUS) 17.01.2011. 17.01.2013.
Faculty of History and Philosophy  2714 Sne A. Vocational training system in archaeological heritage based upon e-learning resources 01.12.2010. 30.11.2012.
Fac.of Educ., Psychol. and Art 2715 Tubele S. Network for Tuning Standards and Quality of Education programmes for Speech and Language Therapists in Europe (LLP ERASMUS - ENWA) 21.02.2011. 30.09.2013.
Foreign affairs dept. 2721 Grzibovska  A. JoinEU-SEE II 10.05.2011. 14.07.2014.
Library of the University of Latvia 2722 Skele U. Information about Open Access movement and resources in the University of Latvia 01.04.2011. 31.10.2011.
Foreign affairs dept. 2728 Grzibovska  A. ERASMUS programmas intensīvie valodu kursi 2011/2012 01.06.2011. 31.05.2012.
Fac.of Humanities 2731 Karapetjana I. Cross-Cultural Competence and Interaction 01.09.2011. 31.08.2012.
Fac.of Humanities 2732 Kraushars F. Visiting Professorships for Chinese Classics and Ancient China at the Research Center for East Asian Studies (University of Latvia) and its Baltic Partner Institutes 01.07.2011. 31.10.2011.
Fac.of Humanities 2733 Baltgalve A. Basic Chinese Language Lessons for Latvians 01.07.2011. 31.08.2012.
Foreign affairs dept. 2742 Grzibovska  A.  LOT 9 CENTAURI 06.06.2011. 06.06.2014.