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Year 2008
Last Update
Project leader Title of the project
A.Ambainis Creating a new research group in quantum computing and theory of computing
M.Auziņš Angular momentum state quantum tomography for design of optoelectronics devices
V.Baumanis Molecular analysis of longevity in the Latvian population
L.Seļāvo Wireless sensors networks - from theory to practice
I.Brikše The journalism culture: the trends of development and perspectives in Latvia (1990-2009)
G.Brūmelis Effect of climatic and environmental factors on tree growth, in relation to indicators of biological diversity
A.Buiķis Mathematical models of transfer processes and their solutions
A.Cēbers Experimental investigations of functional possibilities of soft magnetic materials
L.Dribins Latvians and non-Latvians relations as a factor in the history of Latvia and at present
R.Freivalds, M.Golovkins Algebric methods in quantum cryptography and theory of finite quantum automata
L.Frolova, U.Rozevskis Social and legal problems of information society and they solutions in the Latvia
A.Geske International monitoring of Latvia's education system in primary level
J.Grigorjevs Elaboration of the IPA system for the Latvian language
I.Gudakovska Science and intellectual property of the University of Latvia: evidence of history
Ģ.Ieviņš Biological basis of the conservation of rare and protected plant species of Latvia: coastal zone
J.Ikstens Factors affecting Saeima, municipal and European Parliament elections in Latvia after 1991
A.Jakovičs Modelling dynamics of transfer processes in technologies of structured, porous and multilayer materials including physical interactions and nonlinearity of characteristics
A.Kalniņa The international migration of labour force of Latvia: the dynamics of social networks in the processes of emigration and return migration
I.Kalniņa Latvian literature and religion II
J.Kārkliņš Study group of modernization of obligation law. Renewal of Civil Law's parts "Obligation Law", "Property Law"
V.Kluša Effectiveness of mitochondria-targeted pharmacotherapy in the multiple sclerosis model
M.Kļaviņš Impact of environmental factors on peat and their humic substances properties
U.Kopeika Alteration of citokines in blood serum in lung cancer patients
I.Koškins Multilingualism in the urban environment: the languages of the German and Russian minorities in Riga at the time of the free Latvian state (1918-1940) II
I.Kramiņa Research group Applied Linguistics 2
F.Kraushārs Internationalization of Asian studies and research, 3. stage
J.P.Kreišmanis Development of physical chemical methods for use in the study of pharmaceutically active compounds
J.Kursīte - Pakule Baltic ethnogenesis, further differentiation and development
L.Leikuma The Latvian language and culture of the Krasnoyarsk region and Latgale: the comparative aspect
Dz.Lele - Rozentāle German culture in the Baltic in contact and contrast: aspects of the construction of cultural identities in language and literature in the Baltic region III
I.Lokmane The Latvian language in today's culute II
I.Maslo Methodology of research of improvement of learning quality of new generation of pupils and students
N.Matjuškova Effect of culture medium on biochemical composition of Lentinula edodes
P.Mekšs Identification of the zwitterionic compounds by tandem masspectrometry (MS-MS) and electrospray (ES) as ionization mode
J.Melbārdis Printing of collected articles "The scientific research work of sports pedagogues Univeristy of Latvia"
R.Muceniece Evidence-based studies on the medicinal uses of the potato (Solanum tuberosum, L.) extracts
N.Muižnieks The image of Latvia in Russia's media
T.Muravska, Ž.Ozoliņa Interdisciplinary approach to assess the impact of the European Innovation Policy and Common Energy Pollicy on the competitiveness and sustainable development of Latvia
V.Nikolajeva Effects of glycoprotein-enzyme on skin reparative processes
S.Osipova Evolution of Latvian Law in the Russian Empire
L.Ozoliņa - Moll Development of new portable cognitive performance tests for somatotype and body composition self-assessment
M.Ozoliņš Studies of vision performance with adaptive optics correction
V.Pīrāgs Identification of new molecular markers for thyroid nodules and thyroid cancers
A.Putniņa Governing biotechnologies: human stem cell research and its social, legal and ethical implications
M.Raščevska Predictive models of Latvian language and mathematis achievement: relationships among the standartized measurements of cognitive abilities, behavior and achievement among school children in Latvia
N.Rostoks Application of molecular markers for plant biotechnology at the University of Latvia
Z.Rubene Implication of totalitarian values in Post-Soviet education
M.Rubene, M.Kūle Community: Europe and Latvia in the perspective of social phenomenology
I.Rūmniece Ancient sources of theory of literature and lingustics: "Rhetoric" by Aristoteles (translation, scientific commentary, collection of research articles)
R.Rungule Portrait of Latvian youth: values, integration into society and risk of marginalization
A.Siliņš Inorganic nanosize material structure and electronic process study for optical sensors
B.Sloka Estimation of marketing and competition problems in higher education
I.Spīča Problem solutions of the transition period
J.Spīgulis Methods and devices for optical cardio-vascular monitoring
A.Stafecka Pilot project of the Atlas of Baltic languages
I.Šuvajevs Ethycs: from theory to the action
L.Taivans Latvian transliteration of Asian proper names, and religious terms
I.Taivans Research of diagnostic possibilities of exhaled air analysis using artificial odour sensors
V.Tamužs Rehabilitation and reinforcement of building structures with composite materials
T.Tisenkopfs Life-goals of young people and their vision of the development of regions in Latvia
N.Titāns Nietzsche and the Jews, Judaism, Antisemitism
P.Tretjakovs New approaches to the diagnostics of exogenous health risk factors induced disturbances
J.Valeinis The analysis of structural (semiparametric) relationship models and application in Latvia's medical statistics
U.Vikmanis The evaluation of 13C breath test application for liver function monitoring in patients on hepatotoxic chemotherapy
A.Vīksna Development of physicochemical analysis methods for the investigation of bioarcheology of Latvia
V.Zauls Modification and microstructuring of surfaces by direct e-beam writing
V.Zelčs Developing an improved event chronology of the late Weichselian deglaciation of the inner zone of the southern margin of the Scandinavian ice sheet
A.Zicmanis Investigation of the impact of the regularities of ionic liquids - environmentally friendly materials on transformation processes of heterocyclic compounds
S.Radzobe The Latvian theatre criticism: processes and personalities
M.Ābele Using combined optical methods in fields of astronomy and geodynamics
I.Gudakovska Rector of the University of Latvia, Professor Augusts Tentelis
I.Ciemiņa Econometric methods in the research of inhabitants' standard of living
A.Deniņš The main trends of enhancing the effectiveness of sustainable business and their impact on the Latvian national economy
E.Dubra Competitiveness of Latvian economy and significance of investment for its promotion
S.Eglīte Monetary, fiscal and trade policy in Latvia
M.Gulbe The role of high school in the development of information society in Latvia
J.Krūmiņš Career guidance for competencies development and competitiveness in the labour market
I.Revina The role of the sectoral composition of foreign direct investment on growth
I.Revina An impact of fiscal policy on aggregate demand and price level
Ē.Šumilo, B. Šavriņa, R. Škapars Legal and economic aspects of international and EU tax policy and its influence on the business environment in Latvia
A.Kalnača Latvian and Finno-Ugric studies at the University of Latvia: investigation of grammar
L.Sproģe Slavis scholars and Slavic studies in the University of Latvia: traditions and perspectives of development
D.Nītiņa A grammar of modern Latvian. 1st part. Pilot project, 2nd part. Support programme
A.Ekers Design of laser-dressed quantum states and their use in coherent population switches and radiation field detectors
S.Lācis Simulation of rheological properties and free surface flows of magnetorheological suspensions
J.Mencis Content integrated development of mathematics and English language programmes at the University of Latvia in European context
U.Rogulis Studies of defect structure in nanosize crystals
J.Kleperis Materials and devices for hydrogen energetics -2
O.Starkova Foundation of young scientist group for investigation of mechanical and physical properties at nano-, meso- and microlevel of modern polymer composite materials with a disperse filler
J.Andersons Mechanical characterisation of flax fibers for innovative applications
J. Balodis EUPOS-RIGA in International terrestial reference frame
A.Briede The modernization and development of phenological network in Latvia
R.Balodis Commentary of the law on religious organizations
V.Liholaja Protection of deceased body: legal aspects. Legal requirements for the removal of tissues from deceased persons in Latvia and other EU member states - a comparative study
I.Jākobsone Research of chemical composition of plant and plant extracts and their influence on the pathogenic microorganisms and natural microflora of human and animals
G.Ķizāne Effect of ionizing radiatios on properties of sorbents
Ž.Roja Myotonometry as a method for determination of the muscle fatigue of academic staff, office workers and students working with computer
D. Erts System and methods for nanomanipulations and analysos in the nanoscale
V.Šiliņš Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea COPD patients and association with coronary artery disease
A. Vītols The study of haemodynamic and baroreflex components of postural reflex in 2.type diabetes mellitus with and without autonomic neuropathy
U.Riekstiņa Characterization of natural substances in skin-derived stem cell cultures
M.Brēde Terminological description and prescription binding and developmental interdisciplinary aspects
V.Ivbulis India and Latvia
V.Kalnbērziņa Language acquisition research group
I.Austers Effect of humor in stress coping
Z.Čehlova Aquisition of Latvian language as a foreign language: developing of communicative language competence for foreign students
A.Grīnfdelds Use of secondary analysis for the investigation of factors influencing students' achievement in comparative education research
A.Kangro International civic and citizenship education study
A.Rauhvargers Principles of defining skills and competences as learning outcomes and international experience
I.Žogla Development of pupils' inquiry skill in elementary school science teaching-learning
Ž.Ozoliņa Development of research potential: Latvia, East-West, democracy
J.Rozenvalds Latvia human development report 2008/2009. Accountability
V.Zelče Ninety years of Univeristy of Latvia: people, education, science and everyday
A.Zobena Towns and sustainable regional development
D.Balode Ideas and practices in Christianity of Latvia in 20-ies and 30-ies of 20th century in the European context
I.Leitāne Haralds Biezais (1906-1995): life, ideas and influences
I.Misāns History of the Faculty of History and Philosophy at the University of Latvia in Soviet period: personalities, structures, ideas
A.Vasks Challenges for protection of material culture heritage in Latvia