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Creating a business in the digital age – developing entrepreneurship competencies for young Europeans through eMentorship – CReBUS
Last Update

EC project No. 511822-LLP-1-2010-1-RО-КA3-КА3МР „Creating a business in the digital age – developing entrepreneurship competencies for young Europeans through eMentorship – CReBUS”

Project agreement  No. 2010-4078 / 001- 001, UL reg. No. ZD2010/2684, project No. A-2684-040

Project website:

Project partners: Romania, Italy, Latvia, Austria, Spain

Project duration: 2010 - 2012

Project aim and tasks:

CReBUS project is aiming to develop a training system in order to facilitate the development of entrepreneurship competences for students/graduates between 18-35 years old, using WEB 2.0.

The concrete tasks are:    

  • to evaluate the training needs and learning interests of the young entrepreneurs
  • to identify the interest domains for starting a business from youngsters that are going to graduate and potential barriers
  • to define a curriculum for developing entrepreneurial competencies, using the WEB 2.0 learning opportunities
  • to develop a website that offers training activities as webinars, video conferences, possibilities for social networking and other resources for online learning, as well as eMentorship
  • to develop an online community and a social network including young entrepreneurs, trainers and other stakeholders
  • to exploit the potential of project outcomes for further development and sustainability beyond the EU-funding period.

Summary: The emerging needs of a post-crisis society, the prospective studies at European level about the "new skills for new jobs", the strategy documents for Europe 2020 shows that new sectors will appear, new skills are needed, and among them, all have in common the entrepreneurial and ICT skills as basic ones. As demonstrated in the OECD Innovation Strategy, entrepreneurial skills and attitudes, risk-taking behaviour, creativity, etc. will be crucial competencies in the economy of the future (Policy Responses to the Economic Crisis: Investing in Innovation for Long-Term Growth, OECD, 2009). Bringing business closer to the young generation that succeeds harder to find a job, and enabling them to set up their own business is a viable solution to overcome the unemployed or migrant status they are exposed. By using dedicated WEB 2.0 applications and platforms, and eMentorship network, it can be facilitated the transfer of good practices and experiences from the people who succeed in different types of business to young European entrepreneurs. Four different groups are targeted: young entrepreneurs between 18-35 years old; students about graduating/graduates from faculties of educational sciences, psychology, administration; representatives of employers, unions and SMEs.

CReBUS project presentation (20.05.2011.)

Workshop of the CReBUS project „Creating a business in the digital age – developing entrepreneurship competencies for young Europeans through eMentorship” (21.10.2011.)

Agenda of the workshop

Presentation 1. General info about CReBUS and things done until now 

Presentation 2. Structure of the CReBUS eMentoring activities and what should be done then 

Presentation 3. Lecture “Entrepreneurship as a Dynamic System and the Holistic Approach to Its Development” (Dr.paed. K.Oganisjana) 

Presentation 4. CReBUS online guide 

Presentation 5. CReBUS project potential mentees and mentors