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Technology for operative assessment of skin with a smartphone
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Human skin contains several light-absorbing pigments or chromophores; the distribution of their concentrations changes in cases of skin pathologies, and it can be detected by changes in the reflected or fluorescent light at specific spectral intervals. Skin spectroscopy studies at University of Latvia allow associating such changes of optical parameters with certain structural changes of the skin. It can be exploited for diagnostics of skin pathologies (including tumours) and for monitoring of skin healing after bruises, burns, surgeries, etc. The main advantage of the optical methodology is non-invasiveness, i.e. assessment without damaging of skin, in some cases even not touching it.

University of Latvia announces the licence tender on new technology for remote assessment of skin pathologies and general condition by means of smartphone with spectrally specific illuminator and original software. The IPR of this technology is protected by the Europatent application PCT/EP2015/066913 (positive expert conclusion) and Latvian patent LV 15059 B. The proposed technology enables to obtain distribution maps of skin chromophores and fluorophores on the screen of smartphone from the images taken by its own camera under illumination of a specific spectral content. Functioning and clinically approbated smartphone/illuminator prototype sets of three kinds are available for tests.

Specific questions please address to the project manager Jānis Spīgulis, tel. +371 67228249.