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Prototype for chronic wound healing enhancing medical device
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Chronic wounds or ulcers is a common pathology, which is mainly related to diabetes and venous insufficiency. Chronic wounds long-term medical care, as well as long-term loss of work ability causes heavy direct and indirect costs. Technology is about biodegradable biomaterial using hyaluronic acid unique characteristics to modulate cell niche and to promote chronic wound healing. The scaffolds prepared is functionalized with natural immunomodulator. The product is targeted to the manufacturers of medical devices.

The present invention relates primarily to production of functionalized biodegradable, hyaluronic acid based biomaterial, aimed at skin wound healing. Offer includes safety and efficiency in vitro tests, including scratch test and exudates analysis from patients and in vivo evaluation in experimental wound models in laboratory animals.

Use of natural immunomodulator as an active ingredient in hyaluronic acid based biodegradable biomaterial is proposed. Tissue restorative properties demonstrated in both acute wounds and diabetic wound models.

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