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Innovative technology for contactless skin microcirculation monitoring
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Peripheral blood flow provides the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, as well as temperature control of body. In a case of skin blood circulation disorders the skin blood supply changes. Circulatory map can be visualized using optical technology – contactless photoplethysmography imaging. Technology is based on a skin blood volume pulsation visualization using visible or infrared radiation. The scientists from UL have developed optical technology for wrist skin microcirculation zone mapping in two different depths (superficial and deep layers of the skin). Technology can be used for diagnostics of peripheral circulatory disorders or circulation changes, such as regional anesthesia monitoring, Raynaud's syndrome or burn monitoring. The main advantage of this technology is contactless method, possibility to use it without touching the skin.

UL announces the license offer for new technology for contactless skin microcirculation monitoring, using a prototype device complete with a specially designed computer program. Technology is a proprietary, intellectual property, defend Eiropatenta Application No. PCT / IB2015 / 056097 (positive conclusions of the examination).

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