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Environmentally friendly cosmetic active substances production technology and acquired biologically active substance for skin renewal and pigmentation regulating cosmetic composition
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There is a growing demand for natural origin active substances with the aim to use them in a variety of consumer products, including cosmetics, hygiene products and food supplements.

Scientists from the University of Latvia have developed a skin whitening cosmetic compositions containing the extract from micro propagated shoot culture of Hypericum genus plant. The technology opens up opportunities for cosmetic industry to use rare and endangered plant species. Advantages also include extensive opportunities for standardization in order to improve constant product quality. 

The present invention relates primarily to production of active cosmetic ingredients and use of them in skin regenerating and whitening compostions. 

More specifically, use of in vitro cultivated H.hirsutum to produce extracts for inclusion of whitening cosmetic formulations is proposed. Offer includes safety and efficiency in vitro tests of the cosmetic composition. 

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