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Conferences, seminars 2009
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February 2009
University of Latvia ’s 67th Conference

31 March - 3 April, 2009
International conference “Functional materials and nanotechnologies FM&NT-2009"

14 April 2009
The 5th Riga Symposium on Pragmatic Aspects of Translation "Lost and Found in Translation" 

27-28 April 2009
International Quadrennial Conference "Hellenic Dimension: Studies in Language, Literature and Culture"

7 May, 2009
International conference "Belonging to Europe – history, culture and political identity"

14-15 May, 2009
Baltic Seminar of University Administrators (BSUA) 

22 May, 2009
Symposium "60 years of German "Grundgesetz""

22-23 May 2009
International Scientific Conference "Applied Linguistics for Specialised Discourse"

1-6 June, 2009
10th Annual Conference for Software Testing Professionals “Test More for Less”

5 June, 2009
"Berlin in Riga" Centenary Conference

16-19 June 2009
ASEM LLL network 4: “National strategies of Lifelong Learning”

16-26 July 2009
International Summer School in Cognitive Sciences and Semantics

7-9 August 2009
Meaning, Understanding and Knowledge. 5th International Symposium for Cognition, Logic and Communication

4-6 September, 2009
Workshop of the EAPS Working Group “Health, Morbidity and Mortality”

10-13 September, 2009
International conference „Twenty Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall: The Politics of Memory and Democratization in Europe“

24 September, 2009
Conference "In the zigzags of history and politics: The development of history science in the University of Latvia"

26 September, 2009
Conference "University In A Small Country and Global World"

11-15 October, 2009
International Conference "Gifted Children: Challenges and Possibilities"

12-15 October, 2009
13th European Fusion Theory Conference

22 October, 2009
Open Access: Maximising Research Quality and Impact workshop

6-7 November, 2009
The scientific methodology conference “Chemistry Education – 2009” 

12-14 November, 2009
Conference „Promoting European Higher Education worldwide: BalticStudyNet 2005–2009”

16-17 November, 2009
International conference "Inclusion Unaffordable? The Uncertain Fate of Integration Policies and the Demonisation of Minorities and Migrants in Central and Eastern Europe"

23-24 November, 2009
IX Students International Scientific Conference "Topicalities of Baltistics"

27 November, 2009
Conference "Living, Life, Evolution"

6-8 December, 2009
International Conference "Higher Education Spaces and Places: For Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange"fileadmin/user_upload/lu_portal/eng/research-conferences-seminars/19.pdf