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Plenary/ invited speakers
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Prof. Stefan Andersson-Engels (IE) (Plenary)

“Acousto-Optics for Deep Tissue Imaging and Photo-Manipulation”


Prof. Ekaterina Borisova (BG) (Invited)


Dr. habil. Małgorzata Jędrzejewska-Szczerska (PL) (Invited)

“Low-Coherence Interferometric Fiber-Optic Sensors with Potential Applications as Biosensors”


Prof. Alexei Kamshilin (RU) (Plenary)

“Remote Photoplethysmography: Where Does the Signal Come from?”


Prof. Igor Meglinski (FI) (Invited)

"Structured Muller-matrix Imaging of Turbid Optically Anisotropic Scattering Biological Tissues with a Purpose of Cancer Diagnostics"


Prof. Mark Niedre (USA) (Plenary)

“Fluorescence Detection of Rare Circulating Cells In Vivo:  Technology, Applications and Future Prospects”


Prof. Ricardas Rotomskis (LT) (Invited)

"Microscopy of Migration of Quantum Dots in the Experimental Animals, with Special Reference to the Barriers between Different Tissues Species"


Dr. Uldis Rubins (LV) (Invited)

“Remote Photoplethysmography Technique for Monitoring of Regional Anesthesia Effectiveness”


Prof. Göran Salerud (SE) (Invited)

“Multispectral Snapshot Imaging to Record Spatial and Temporal Tissue Oxygenation Maps”


Prof. Valery Tuchin (RU) (Plenary)

“Tissue Immersion Clearing for Enhanced Imaging in an Ultra-broad Wavelength Range from Free Electrons to Optical and Terahertz Waves”


Dr. Willem Verkruijsse (NL) (Invited)

“Recent Developments in Contactless Health Monitoring”


Prof. Karin Wårdell (SE) (Invited)

"Optical Techniques for Navigation during Neurosurgery"