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Conference "Living in Landscapes: Knowledge, Practice, Imagination"
Inese Stūre, The Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences

The Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences of the University of Latvia is organizing the PECSRL (The Permanent European Conference for the Study of the Rural Landscape) 24th Session "Living in Landscapes: Knowledge, Practice, Imagination" on August 23-27, 2010 in Riga and Liepaja.  

Riga & Liepaja, Latvia, 23-27 August 2010

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Statement of the conference
Landscape is where humans dwell. Here we work, think, dream, love, raise new generations, and interact with other living beings, the earth and the sea. Humans and other living beings have time-space rhythms. So does the milieu. Ways of life are established and change with the passage of time, as does the landscape. A part of the past lives on in each woman and man; and in every landscape live bits of the past. Life in a landscape is a complex whole, a process, involving the past, present and future In this context, knowledge, practice, and imagination are the principal themes to be addressed at the conference.

Conference Themes
1. Landscape as home
2. Contemporary approaches to historical geography
3. The interaction of cultures in landscapes
4. Landscape heritage: theory and practice
5. Politics of landscapes in European and local contexts
6. Urban and rural characteristics in landscapes
7. Economic progress and sustainability during a global crisis
8. Environmental Issues and landscapes, including changes in climate, land use, and ways of living

The conference is addressed to geographers, ecologists, social scientists, humanists, artists, landscape architects, historians, archaeologists, landscape managers and planners, as well as other scholars and practitioners interested in European landscapes.

PECSRL 2010 Riga Office
Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences,
University of Latvia
Mailing address: Raina Blvd. 19,
Riga, LV 1586

Location of the faculty: Alberta Str. 10,
Riga, LV 1010
Phone: +371 67332704
Fax: +371 67332704

PECSRL 2010 Riga Office:
Head of Organizing committee Inese Sture:
Secretary of Organizing committee Anita Zarina:
Head of Scientific committee Edmunds V. Bunkse: ebunkse@UDel.Edu

Conference will be broadcast online in UL portal.