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Security issues
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  • In any public area, one should always be alert. There are accidents targeting foreigners - bag snatching, pickpocketing and petty theft. Airports, train stations, overcrowded public transport and routes to major hotels and the Old Town are prime locations for pickpocketers. Therefore, wherever you are, be aware of your pockets and backpacks.
  • When in pubs and restaurants never leave your belongings unattended. Thus you will be able to avoid some unpleasant moments.
  • If possible, do not walk alone at night and do not make friends with unknown persons.

As the university’s dormitories are not situated in the centre of the city, one should pay attention to security issues within late hours. Try to avoid going home unaccompanied at late evening and night.


  • Don’t forget to use safety belts while seated in a car
  • Latvian law requires drivers to use their headlights at all times, including during the day.
  • Drink driving is considered to be a very serious offence. Penalties for driving over the blood alcohol limit (0.5) include a heavy fine and jail sentence


In case something happens to you please inform your embassy/consulate and International Relations Department.


In any emergency situation you should call the free number 112,  as this is the contact number for the emergency services. This number can be used to contact police, fire brigade, ambulance, and gas emergency services. Operators can take calls in Latvian, Russian, English, and German.

Firefighters: 112
Police: 110, 112
Ambulance: 113, 112
Gas leakage: 114, 112