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Professional development programme in Ayurvedic medicine
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Course title: Introductory Course in Ayurveda
Degree requirements: Higher education in the field of medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, biology
Amount of study hours during the professional education programme: 160 hours
Programme manager: prof. Valdis Pīrāgs, deputy dr. Sintija Sauša
Contact person for the programme: project coordinator Elīna Freija
Mobile: +371 26542062, e-mail:

Course language: Latvian, English

Main objectives of the programme: The aim of the professional development programme is to provide theoretical knowledge and a comprehensive insight into Ayurveda as a medical system, as well as to create an understanding of the various clinical applications of Ayurvedic knowledge and to be able to integrate them into the graduate’s own field of work.

Course curriculum: History and philosophy of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic view of physiology, pathology and pharmacology, practical studies of Ayurveda therapy, with an opportunity to train in India after graduation.

Teaching methods: lectures, practical assignments, clinical case studies with patient evaluation, seminars, discussions, analysis of written sources, etc.

Expected results upon graduation:

  • Knowledge about the Ayurvedic views on diseases and their treatment;
  • Knowledge regarding the effects and applications of Ayurvedic medicines;
  • Understanding of personalised approach to patient care. Capacity to decide upon treatment  strategy based on specific symptoms and characteristics;
  • Ability to advice on Ayurvedic preventive medicine, lifestyle, personal hygiene;
  • Practical exposure and skills to perform various Ayurvedic therapy technics.

Course tuition fee: 800 euro

Study programm starting to 28.FEBRUARY - 23. MARCH