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UL Student Council
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Address: Raina blvd. 19, room 126, Riga, LV 2135
Phone: + 37167034316, + 37167034317
Fax: + 37167820113
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Students' Council of the University of Latvia is an independent collegial institution, which represents the rights and interests of the students of the University of Latvia.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Student Council implemented the Culture Exchange Programme or CEP – its idea is that local and foreign students work in couples and learn each other’s language.

Students' council of the University of Latvia (SC UL) is the student representative body that unites student representatives from 13 faculties of the largest university in Latvia. SC UL is actively involved in the university decision making process, being the main promoter of student interests in the educational, social, economic and cultural fields. SC UL actively organizes different kind of events for students to involve them in to decision making process and to increase their sense of belonging to university. SC UL has also partnered in different international projects, for example the “Ride for your Rights” project, UNICA conferences, international opinion forum “Linking labor market aspirations with content of Higher education. Youth Perspective” as well as welcomed visitors from all over the world the most recent one being the group of students from St. Olaf college (USA).

SC UL is elected for one year. It consists of elected representatives of students' councils from 13 faculties, which all together states the highest authority in Student Council of the University of Latvia, from whom a chairperson and accordingly to his proposed model, which consist of board leaders for different committees, are elected. The Board with the approval of the Council, if needed, is able to hire additional office staff: Managing Director, Advisor to the chairperson on issues of communication, and office administrator.